Having a security panel in your house that triggers a siren simply is not enough. A monitored residential alarm system for your home gives added protection to precious life and property and maximum peace of mind. Whether you're at home or away, you can have confidence knowing that Action Security is prepared and dedicated to quick response when emergency police, fire, or medical assistance is needed.
Alarm monitoring maximizes the value of your home security system
With accurate emergency information at their fingertips, our professional operators quickly can determine your needs and send help. It takes only seconds for Our techs to notify the appropriate police, fire, or medical emergency response teams of the situation at your home.
Monitoring can nearly eliminate expensive and wasteful false alarms
False alarms can trigger costly fines and pull emergency professionals away from real emergencies. Professional security monitoring can greatly reduce almost all false alarm dispatches by utilizing Action Security's advanced Two-Way Interactive Audio Verification and implementing fast yet comprehensive verification procedures.
Monitoring can deter criminal activity FBI statistics show that a home with a monitored security system is three times less likely to be burglarized than a home without home alarm monitoring.
An alarm monitoring service pay's for itself.
Insurance companies realize the exceptional value of a monitored home alarm system and will reward you for your investment in safety. Placing a monitored alarm system in your residence could mean up to an annual 20% discount on insurance premiums.
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